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Meet James McCaskel

New Leadership Fighting For Change 

Born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota I was adopted and grew up with two brothers and five sisters. When I turned fifteen, I realized that the family was short of money. So I decided to leave home to relieve stress on my mother, who over time became mentally ill due to her past life situations.  Homeless and sleeping in the open rooms of my closest friends I was forced to transfer high school every year eventually dropping out of high school to pursue my GED. Once I acquired enough knowledge to take the test, I signed up took the test and passed. Applying for college I received a "Presidential Academic Scholarship" from JWU but with huge dreams of changing the world, I understood I couldn't change the world if I didn't change the city I came from. I applied For MCTC a local community college to pursue my degree in philosophy and political science. Meanwhile, in early 2020 George Floyd was ruthlessly assassinated sparking light on inequality. Motivating me to take a stand for my people and DEMAND EQUALITY! 

James Aaron McCaskel


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