David Sandbeck

David Sandbeck has been involved with local left political campaigns for twenty years. With many other environmentally concerned people he was part of the grassroots effort to encourage Betty McCollum to co-sponsor the green new deal that succeeded in 2018. In 2020 after running for congress to pressure Betty McCollum on supporting Medicare for all she finally co-sponsored the bill. Winning comes in many forms and better representation can result from long-shot campaigns. Running to deliver a choice in our democracy at a minimum is a civic duty he takes seriously. The two-party system has not served our communities well. We have a one-party rule in some local districts, and so many of the same systemic failures persist. Calling on leadership to deliver a more perfect union is a lifelong civic duty. All progress depends on the unreasonable. That is our history. That is our future. Geroge Orwell suggested one vision of the future is a boot stomping on a human face forever. Too much of Orwell's fiction has become fact. David Sandbeck is here to say no, we won’t let it happen!

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